en route to norway

Tuesday was my second day at sea, and the ship became an entirely different environment with students, families, and seniors all going between classes and meals. It’s a really strange feeling to be on a huge ship that is constantly rocking back and forth (like a giant cradle actually – I sleep so well!) It’s also lonely in a sense to not see anything but water in all directions… it’s pretty exciting if we see other boats or pass land (though sometimes disruptive to class!)

Sadly, I got really really ill on Monday which has lasted for several days. Not sea sick, just all over sick (with a random ear infection) and so I had to spend a good bit of time going to the health clinic which made catching up in classes even more of a challenge. I slept a lot during the day to feel better, which is a funny situation on a ship because at least once I woke up and saw our cabin steward scampering out of the room because he had realized I was in it (and was about to try and clean). I wish I were feeling better all around so that I could be making a speedier academic come-back while also exploring more of Norway, but then again I am really glad to have made this trip at all, given how sick I was at the end of the school year! It is kind of comforting though, to have a familiar face aboard in the way of one of my nurses (Jane) from UC Santa Cruz. She’s so nice – she had met Amy before I arrived and said she had a surprise for me and she did! I came home from class on Tuesday to find a bag of Marini’s salt-water taffy on my cabin door with a note that just said “From your Santa Cruz connection!” I guess her daughter, Sierra, works at Marini’s and made it as well, yum! Anyhow, I’m just going to try to rest a little more and prioritize what I want to see and do when we’re in port, and I think I will still have a fantastic time roaming Europe.


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