Today, the tradition of shipboard Olympics was continued, although Amy and I refrained from partaking in much of the ordeal. Amy blew through the new Harry Potter book during the day, while I caught up on a lot of reading for my classes (residual from my late arrival on the ship). It was relaxing to spend half a day (at least) in bed just resting, because everything in our microcosm moves so fast and changes so quickly. We did go to the closing ceremonies, which included a talent show where each “sea” presented two acts: one comical and one more serious in nature. We definitely saw some amazing talent – like one girl, Sarah, who writes beautiful songs for piano and a guy, Itai, who is equally talented in songwriting for guitar. And of course there were the comical acts… some were rather stupid, but there were a few good ones – like the five Japanese adult passengers from different parts of Japan sang a Russian song they all coincidentally learned as children. There was also a performance of “It’s Raining Men” involving a bunch of guys in tight shorts dancing with umbrellas (a strange laugh, for sure). Several funny skits were also performed, poking fun at Mike (“the voice”- our intercom announcer), the faculty, and Global Perspectives class… especially the new event “Choose the Snooze” in which a sleeping student risks being sought out by the A/V crew and woken up while being watched on video by the 400+ person class! It was sweet however, that many of these skits also gave mad props to our staff and crew aboard the ship, who are undoubtedly nothing short of amazing.

Overall, our sea came in 3rd place (though behind a tie for 2nd, so really 4th place). What this means for us is that we’ll be the 4th sea off of the ship when we get back to Ft. Lauderdale at the end of the voyage. Our sea also apparently came in first place in the spirit competition, which I found funny. Our neighbor, Brian, wrote our cheer/chant which is hilarious but annoying as well: “B-E-R-I-N-G, we are the Bering Sea! Rough waters, whoop, whoop!” .. and so on. Everyone was so sick of our sea chanting by the end of the closing ceremonies, especially the “whoop whoop.”

Too bad tomorrow is back-to-reality with early morning class and responsibilities… I miss weekends!


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