alas, i am not yet seaworthy

The M.V. Explorer may have been declared seaworthy (despite the recent controversy with University of Pittsburgh), but it seems I've got another week to reach that point. I was slated to have my stint removed Tuesday, but when my doctor (whom I hadn't met yet) caught wind that I was in the emergency room last weekend with more fluid in my abdomen, she opted to reschedule me for Wednesday... for more surgery. Bad news because I am sick of anesthesia, monster antibiotics, oversized hospital gowns, IVs, and so on, but good news because she wanted to get to the bottom of things once and for all. Despite my nerves, the procedure went exceedingly well - being treated at a specialty women's hospital was such a treat after everything I went through out in California! Unfortunately, when she removed my stint, it was evident that I needed even more healing time... so I have another stint for eight more weeks (oy!) Luckily, she is letting me distract myself for these next two months by joining the Semester @ Sea crowd in Iceland after I rest at home for a week. I was really hoping to have my stint removed for good and make the departure with everyone else, but given the circumstances, things could definitely be much worse!

I'm a little nervous because I'll be joining everyone after orientation and classes starting - and also, I can't say a single word in Icelandic (one language I haven't explored yet), but I'm going to be sooo glad to see Amy! Everything is a little bit up in the air about our field studies, independent travel plans, and how I am going to make up the missed coursework, but the Semester @ Sea folks have been amazingly helpful and accommodating so I am sure it will all work out. I was heartbroken to find out that I was going to be stranded on soil for an extra week, but I'm trying to make the best of it. I'm getting to spend more time with my parents and Sam (both the boy and the dog), I'll make it to Three Rivers Arts Festival, Dad is treating Mum and I to a day at the spa (to recuperate after five weeks of my kidneys declaring mutiny on our lives), and of course my body really needed the rest so I've been catching up on moviewatching.

I only have three whole days until I depart for the other side of the world- I should feel prepared with all this extra time, and yet I feel even more disastrous (in regard to packing) than I did when I thought I was departing on time. Guess that means I should get some sleep, góða nótt!


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