my head has gone from green to red!

What a looong day. I've been getting all of my final stuff together which basically involved lots of details and bits of paper I'd rather not deal with, but must.

I finally got my phonecard all setup for when I'm abroad... and people can leave me voicemail (for free!) SO if you feel so compelled to give me a ring and leave me a funny message (though I'm not sure I'd be able to return the call, depending), dial 1.888.579.0208, press 2, enter my account number (7211218988139), and press # to leave a voicemail!

Or if you're feeling even more ambitious, you can send me mail in port at the addresses here. (No worries, I don't expect to be flooded with mail- I know it's a pain to mail a letter so far in advance as well as overseas!)

In the midst of all of these preparations, I had a bit of a mishap today with some henna. I put it in my hair like I have in the past, since it is so nutrient-rich (and my hair is dead after antibiotics/anesthesia/etc.) Apparantly, that was a big mistake as it turned my hair a dark sickly green because of the state it was in! So my only option at that point was to attack it with red to neutralize it (and in turn also make my hair reasonably red). I suppose it's a change of pace...